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    Danny shared a photo on Facebook:

    Tonight is the first big FMB Diamond slopestyle of the year! Good luck everyone in New Zealand. Live webcast on redbull.tv ! FMB Diamond Series Trailer 2015! FMB Diamond Series Trailer 2015!***#DiamondSeries #FMBWT #2015Season

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    March 27 2015, 10:59pm

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    Watching an awesome showcase of Gaelic talent at the @filmg_alba awards tonight! #FilmG

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    March 27 2015, 6:10pm

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    There are only a few tickets left for Skye Live this year! You'll have to be quick if you want to go!
    See you there :) #Skyelive

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    March 27 2015, 3:29pm

    Danny shared a photo on Facebook:

    This was a really fun project to be part of!! Red Bull #Kluge The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge Get the behind the scenes footage here: http://youtu.be/OvvX34q0QMk Watch the Spiral Drift: http://youtu.be/_u76kWWo6GM http://www.redbullusa.com/kluge Song:...

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    March 26 2015, 9:13pm

    Danny shared a photo on Facebook:

    Here's how Rutger Pauw captured the Eclipse photo on the Isle of Skye. #Eclipse2015 Danny MacAskill's Solar Eclipse Ride CLICK to watch Danny MacAskill's Epecuen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiF5HHkHvX0 On Friday March 20th a Solar Eclipse plunged Europe into darkness. Phot...

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    March 26 2015, 5:37pm

    Danny shared a photo on Facebook:

    Stoked to announce that myself and the Drop and roll team Ali C, Duncan Shaw and Fabio Wibmer will be riding Magura brakes for 2015. Looking forward to working on some ideas we have! #Magura #Brakeswetrust Timeline Photos Danny MacAskill joins MAGURA One of the most talented riders on the planet, Danny MacAskill, is joining the MAGURA family. Danny as well as his "Drop and Roll Tour" will now be equipped exclusively with MAGURA hydraulic brake products. @[378678603224:274:Danny MacAskill], @[1477951735749969:274:Danny MacAskill's Drop and Roll Tour] Read more: http://bit.ly/1GLo7Gw Auf deutsch: http://bit.ly/1xd9880

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    March 25 2015, 8:53pm

    Danny shared a photo on Facebook:

    After working with Muc-Off last year with Drop and Roll I am delighted to announce that I will be joining their athlete roster too. I really have no excuse to have a dirty bike now.


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    March 24 2015, 8:17pm

    Danny shared a photo on Facebook:

    Spent the whole of last week scouting about Skye with Rutger Pauw and the Mount Creative boys trying to find a location to capture one of the most ambitious photographs I've ever been part of!! Here how we did it... Red Bull #Eclipse2015 #Cantbelieveitworkedout Skye High: How We Shot MacAskill's Eclipse www.redbull.com Wondering how Danny pulled off his epic moon jump last Friday? Watch our video and wonder no more...

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    March 24 2015, 11:27am

    Danny shared a photo on Facebook:

    So good!! BSD Forever BSD - Alex Donnachie, Dan Paley & Kriss Kyle Undercover Alex, Dan and Kriss' indoor sessions over the winter at Zone74 and Unit23. Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby. www.BSDforever.com

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